Surround yourself with Art

Space art

Art in Real Time strongly recommends that you add art to your home, and your workplace or office environment.

The same part of the human brain that is stimulated by a fine work of Art is the same area that is activated by gazing at a loved one. Increase the beauty of your surroundings to decrease stress, and increase general productivity and creativity.

WAKE UP EARLY and witness the “Dawn Chorus”

Don’t hit your snooze button. Get out of bed and start your day before the sun rises. Create a new morning routine if you are stagnant in the affairs of your life. The Dawn Chorus awaits you. These are the morning birdsongs that overlap and sail through the air on high. Some say that while the Earth spins and brings dawn’s light Westward, it harkens these same melodies that have been sung for millennia. It is always dawn somewhere, and it is there where this song continues.

When you awaken, be conscious of what you first consume, as you are essentially breaking fast from the cessation of drink and food over night. Water is a fantastic start to any day. Throughout your day, please remember to stay hydrated so that you can be the best version of “yourself.”

If you can begin a morning routine that prepares you for the day, with time on your side, you will be presented with choices that you may not necessarily have when you are running late or behind. Remember that time is a human construct and that there are ways to metaphorically “bend time” for a more tranquil pursuit of happiness.